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Casa Tomaren
offers you different and varied activities to enjoy stay in the island. Lanzarote undoubtedly has one of the most unique landscapes you can visit so any activity on the island also became a unique experience.


Wellness in Casa Tomaren


The atmosphere of Casa Tomaren invites you to relax and enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in contact with your inner being. Thanks to Yoga, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki or Shiatsu among other therapies you will get the opportunity to listen to your body and its ailments which in the end are only a request for more care and attention.

Don't leave Casa Tomaren without trying any of these therapies under the hands of the best reputed therapist on the island



Not to miss a thing Casa Tomaren has prepared for you interactive maps with the top spots to practice your favorite sports. Just click in each of the points marked on the maps to access all information you need to know about the place.

If you need to rent equipment or want to make any course, we puts you in touch with the most reputed schools of the island to enjoy your favorite sport in a safe way in the hands of the best professionals.


Diving in Lanzarote
Lanzarote is considered one of the best locations in Europe for scuba diving due to the visibility of these waters and the surrounding marine platform with several large marine reserves seabed biodiversity unique in its volcanic nature.

Casa Tomaren recommends:

  Dive Try
Price: 60 euros

For all who want to plunge into the exciting world of Scuba diving this baptism gives you a brief introduction to the theory of diving and the equipment assembly. Then performed for 40 minutes a shallow dip (6-8 meters) under the close supervision of a diving instructor.

The total duration is 3 hours and costs 60 euros.


For more experienced divers Tomaren has selected for you the best diving on the island (see locaclización and details on the map) from the hand of the best instructors.

The price for each dive is 35 euros with equipment rental or 30 euros including only the bottle and the leads.

For more information contact the reception.

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Surfing in Lanzarote
Lanzarote, with winds from the northeast, constant and regular is considered as one of the places with more powerful and consistent waves throughout Europe for the practice of surfing. Here you can find areas for all levels: safe and quiet places for beginners, and sites with powerful waves  for crazy surfers.

Tomaren House has selected for you the best surf spots on the island. Click on the icons on the map to discover.

Tomaren House puts you in touch with the best schools in the island and offers surfing courses for groups or individuals.

Casa Tomaren recommends:

  Private surfinf lessons
Price: 30 euros

Sessions include:

  • 3 hours surfing lessons
  • All surfing material
  • Price: 30 euros

For group classes or other options do not hesitate to consult the front desk staff.

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Kitesurf in Lanzarote
Lanzarote is considered by the constant and regular winds, as one of the best sites around the world for kiteboarding
With several spots, Famara is where all the schools and the wider beach for beginners and experts.

The best season for kiteboarding is from September to March.

Casa Tomaren recommends:

  Beginners Kite course
Price: 180 euros

To take up this sport it does not take a physical fitness or a particular age. Nor it is necessary to have practiced before other water sport.

A beginner course for two days includes:

  • Lessons 3 hours/day.
  • Equipment, Kites, Harness, Vests, helmets, radios, tables etc 
  • Radio-assisted water classes.
  • Card of the IKO Kiteboarder proving your level.
  • Small groups.
  • Insurance.
  • Price: 180 euros

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Lanzarote on bike
Cycling is one of the most popular sport activities on the island and many people who choose Lanzarote for the practice of this sport. The options are numerous both as a road bike with mountain bike.

Fortunately many of the best bike routes in Lanzarote start near Casa Tomaren. We recommend to our spots lovers guests not not leave Lanzarote without visiting the island or a part of it biking whilist enjoying unique and incomparable landscape of Lanzarote ...

Casa Tomaren recommends:

  GPS Guided Bike Routes
Price: 20 euros

Leaving your door step a GPS system installed on the handlebars of your bike will guide you through different routes while you can enjoy most beautiful places on the island.

Price includes:

  • Bike rental
  • GPS
  • Helmet and y bike parts
  • Price excludes delivery and collection bike service (optional 20 euros)

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Windsurf in Lanzarote
Windsurfing is a very popular sport in lanzarote for the world championship, held every year on the beach of Costa Teguise.

There are many areas to sail: With waves and with no waves, also on very windy days there are places for beginners more sheltered.


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Boat Trips in Lanzarote
A boat trip gives you the opportunity to see Lanzarote from another point of view. With your partner, family or group, anchor in inaccessible beaches or coves with crystal clear waters for swimming, surfing or snorkeling...

Sail around the island of Lobos and Fuerteventura or access to islands off the beaten tourist track, a few hours or several days, your ocean adventure can last as long as you want.

In the Atlantic Ocean, lulled by the trade winds, sailing allows you to see dolphins and whales in their passage through the Canary Islands waters, or practice, if desired, sport fishing.

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Paragliding / Hang gliding in lanzarote
Lanzarote is one of the best places to practice gliding and paragliding in Europe.

There are many wireless areas and beaches for landing, being suitable for all levels.

There are takeoffs for all wind orientations, capable of landing at the same starting point, all accessible by car.

It's morning or after 4 pm the best times to do so as the wind increases from noon.

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