Terapias en Casa Tomaren
Terapias en Casa Tomarenn
Terapias en Casa Tomaren


The atmosphere of Casa Tomaren invites you to relax and enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in contact with your inner being. Thanks to Massage, Reflexology and Reiki you will get the opportunity to listen to your body and its ailments which in the end are only a request for more care and attention.



Under the Term massage are encompassed all the skills used to relieve muscular pains, tensions or energy blockages. After having worked on these tensions, the circulation is improved, the lymphatic drainage is eased and the functioning of the organs optimized



This is a natural therapy that simulates the body so that it can start its own healing process. This is brought about by the manual stimulation of differesnt points on the feet and the hands. These zones reflect both the organic and the psyich aspects of the person. Reflexology enhances relaxation, soothes the nervous system and improves blod circulation so that the body can move toward a state of homeostasis.



During a Reiki treatment, energy is being chanelled to promote well-being and harmony. "Rei" means universal energy whereas "Ki" is the vital energy that circulates within all living beings. When the latter flows freely, it about health and well-being. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to integrate and mix harmoniously universal energy.



Is defined as a set of techniques designed to alleviate muscle pain, tension-type either, blocking energy or tone. While dealing with these tensions improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and optimizes the functioning of organs.

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